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The ‘Gender Defined World” competition asked school students in India to create artwork that looked at their identities in the context of gender attitudes in society. A panel of judges from the Indian creative industries chose a short-list of twenty-two entries and those works will make up the Gender Defined World Exhibition at the India Habitat Centre on 2nd May.

40,000 people voted on their favourites online with the top five winning prizes ranging from AUB scholarships to seeing their work super-sized on huge UK hoardings. Scroll down to see the top five entries.

For details of the exhibition, visit its event listing on the AUB website.

For background on the competition, visit the competition website.



Artwork by Muzammil Hussain

Muzammil Hussain

Prize: Scholarship (full first year fees) and work published on hoardings across the UK

I have related my self to this painting… just the way you cannot make out who is this person in the same way i myself don’t now who am I… I can go on elaborating on things which i have been taught in my classes,things which i have heard from my parents and elders and things i have been hearing about the gender biest world. ..BUT I would like to peep into my heart and ask myself did i ever take this topic seriously before? Have i ever given it a serious thought? Or what have i done to reduce this discrimination I guess nothing and our society as whole. I think all this time we have been following the herd. I have realised one thing today that our world is full of so called human beings but they are not humane towards their own world that’s why today we have such discrimination. Now coming back to the painting you can make out the whole face is covered except the eyes and in my case my eyes are looking at a world without females and males all i could see is a world full of beautiful souls and the eyes in my paintings are looking forward for a world like that too. And it will keep on looking unless we make our world like that.

Artwork by Richa Jain

Richa Jain

Prize: Scholarship of £1000 and work published on hoardings across the UK

I will not sit passive anymore, letting you take the reins on my life. I will not stay quiet while you speak for me. You want me to be rooted, cultured. But what is the use of it all if i am unable to spread my wings and fly? I will not be a canary anymore, caged but singing sweet songs. You can try to stop me, but I am valiant and I will break free.

Artwork by Akshita Wadhwana

Akshita Wadhwana

Prize: Scholarship of £1000

In a society where each individual is made to fit a category, a defined role, I believe that it’s important to question these very norms. This video is a reflection of the gendered society that surrounds me. It highlights my need to not define myself according to these norms.

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Artwork by Kuhel Raha

Kuhel Raha

Prize: Scholarship of £1000

My painting is about female embryo withdrawn. Many couples specially in india prefer male children instead of female one. So they withdraw the female embryo at an early age. This is a social disease. In todays gender defined world i think my point is one of the important one.

Artwork by Upam Lahkar

Upam Lahkar

Prize: Scholarship of £1000

We come into the world as equal beings, but with the passage of time we realize that we live in a society that considers men to be more ‘equal’ than women. From the very first stroke on the canvas I could hear this painting talk to me. And its message was palpable to the discerning eye. She knows not what to speak but surely knows what is to be held in the deep recesses of her mind. The seeds of hope are yet to be sown in the fertile land of her innocence. All we need to do is give her that chance.

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